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If you're looking for a bloodthirsty thrill on how creatures of the sea can snap your limbs off Gwhite2aand drag you to the deep to finish you off, then you've come to the wrong place. Sharks, be they dangerous or placid are creatures of the sea, humans are merely land mammals that through modern invention and increasing technology of the past 2 centuries have been able to explore their world.

As much as I wish I was a marine biologist or scientist, I'm not. I know very little about sharks but I strongly believe that if they are a dangerous shark, it is only because of the wild nature of a natural survivor. Sharks like so many large marine animals need our protection and the aim of this site is to just point this out. Any information gathered is in the faith that it's reliable. If you feel I'm mistaken, please feel free to contact me.

First things first just to get one thing straight. There's no doubt that sharks may attack humans, but, consider this, of all the shark attacks, the crocodile attacks and other attacks by animals around the world on humans. The most lethal killer which is also responsible for the most humans deaths is the homosapien, yes it's the human. One of the nastiest, most selfish, illogical, most unpleasant species ever to walk this planet.

Most would consider this scene to be Hammerhead sharks swimming menacingly around in a circle. But take a really good look, you'll see a calming serene beauty and nature at it's best.

If you choose to cross the African plain on foot without regard for the dangers, you can expect to be killed by lions, tigers, elephants or the animal which holds the most danger, a hippopotamus!!. So don't expect to swim or venture into the little known world of our oceans without any concerns for safety. But as with any activity, if you know the risks and how to minimise them you'll have the time of your life....


Use the buttons on the left to browse some facts and figures I have gathered. Of course, feel free to use the contact address at the bottom to voice your opinion, join in with the sympathy, send me some pictures (you'll get the credit) a link to a worthy site or if you wish, you can send an article of your own and I' may give you your say on a page of your own.



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